Residency Application FAQs

When is the application due date?

Applications must be received by October 1st, 2021.

How many positions will be available for the start date of July 1, 2023?

We will be filling 7 dermatology PGY-2 positions for July 1, 2023.

Will you have any PGY-2 positions available for July 1, 2021 or July 1, 2022?


Does Emory have preliminary medicine or transitional year positions and is a separate application required?

Applicants to Emory Dermatology interested in completing an internship at Emory should apply to the Emory Transitional Year Program.  Applicants must apply separately to the Emory Transitional Year Program through ERAS.  A separate interview is NOT required for the Transitional Year Program.  If a candidate is selected to interview with the Department of Dermatology at Emory, this will be considered your interview for the Emory Transitional Year Program as well. 

The number of Emory Transitional Year positions available for dermatology applicants varies from year to year but efforts are made to help those who match at Emory Dermatology also secure a position within the Transitional Year Program at Emory for interested candidates.

Applicants to dermatology should not apply to the Emory Preliminary Medicine Program.  The Emory Preliminary Medicine positions are reserved for other specialties.   

Is there a USMLE score cut-off?

No.  There is no USMLE score cut-off.  USMLE scores are considered as part of the application but all applications will be reviewed as part of our holistic review process regardless of USMLE scores.

Do you accept foreign medical graduates?

We will consider foreign medical graduates as part of our holistic review process, both those who have had clinical experience in the US and those who have not.  Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Foreign medical graduates must be ECFMG certified.

What visas do you accept?

For information regarding visas and foreign medical graduates, please visit Emory GME’s website

Do you accept applicants who have already completed a residency?

Yes. We will consider all applications as part of our holistic review process.  However, the funding for those who have already completed a part or all of another residency is reviewed on an annual basis.

Do you accept DO applicants?

Yes. We will consider all applications as part of our holistic review process.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Our program requires that you have a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation in addition to the dean’s letter.

What format for letters of recommendation are accepted/preferred?

We will accept both standardized and narrative-style letters.

From whom should I get letters of recommendation?

All letters of recommendation are reviewed.  Letters from academic dermatologists or research mentors are preferred. 3 letters of recommendation are required but up to 4 can be submitted.

How much research experience is required to apply?

We do not require any research experience.  Research experience is considered as part of the overall application.

Are USMLE Step 2 CK and/or CS required prior to an invitation to interview or prior to the match list submission date?

USMLE Step 1 is required upon application. USMLE Step 2 CK and/or CS scores are not required to apply or interview.

Is there a supplemental application or essay?

Please check back for updates to the answer to this question in August of 2021.