Our Residents

Class of 2017

3rd year residents

Top Row: Alex Maley, MD; Justin Cheeley, MD; Howa Yeung, MD
Bottom Row: Shali Zhang, MD; Michael Sargen, MD; Rajini Murthy, MD

Class of 2018

2nd year residents

Top Row: Grant Plost, MD; Elizabeth Berry, MD; Jonathan Bonchak, MD; Liza R. Braun, MD
Bottom Row: Emily Gurnee, MD; Erin Heuring, MD; Aimen Ismail, MD

Class of 2019

1st Year Residents

Top Row: Emily Cole, MD; Maxin Polansky, MD; Shomoukh Alshamekh, MD
Bottom Row: Sarah Wilson, MD; Mario Maruther, MD; Brenda Morales-Pico, MD