Autoimmune Blistering Disease Information

By now you have likely been diagnosed with an autoimmune blistering disease (AIBD) and we know you will have many questions and concerns, many of which we will attempt to address in this educational website. In addition we will present to you some of the clinical and basic science research that is ongoing to try and understand and better treat these devastating diseases.

Clinical Mission

Scheduling an Appointment: 

For patient appointments, please call 404-778-3333.

Emory Healthcare is the largest health care system in the state of Georgia. Emory Healthcare is a multidisciplinary academic medical organization comprising six hospitals, the Emory Clinic and more than 200 provider locations.  For more information, please visit Emory Healthcare.

For more information about our clinic, please visit the Emory Dermatology Clinic.

We utilize the Emory Blue Patient Portal System to manage patients in between visits and encourage you to obtain a log in prior to or just after completing your first clinic visit. 

Once you have access then you will be able to send or receive information related to visits, medications, laboratory results. 

We also encourage you to visit our web videos which have been created to answer some of the most common questions about these diseases.  Also there are educational materials related to care of your skin and mucous membranes. 

In some cases you will be asked to visit with one of our other departments at Emory.  We work closely with the Departments of Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, and Gastroenterology, to address some of the unique aspects of your disease including potentially repeating biopsies, which may require a multidisciplinary effort. 

This referral process can be arranged after your initial visit.  If you already have a specialist who is assisting with your care please make this information known to our team.  

Subsequent Visits: 

If you already have a defined diagnosis then your treatment will most likely begin shortly after your initial visit depending on the necessity of critical blood work. 

It will be important for you to work with our team to find out the most convenient place for you to have repeat blood work done. 

Blood work will typically be done more frequently in the beginning but will be less burdensome once the appropriate medications and dosing are determined.

In addition your primary care physician will be a critical link for you to help manage some of the potential side effects of some of the medications especially if you live a long distance from Atlanta.  

Research Mission

At your first visit or subsequent visits you will be introduced to some of the exciting ongoing research at Emory related to AIBD. 

There are clinical research projects which are ongoing in assistance with our wonderful team of nurses and coordinators in the Dermatology Centers for Outcomes Research and Safety (DCORS).  These projects include measuring aspects of Quality of Life (QOL) and how QOL is affected both by the disease itself and the treatments. 

Novel ongoing therapeutic Clinical Trials may be more appropriate for you and this will be discussed.

We have several ongoing basic science research projects at Emory.  There are an active group of basic science investigators who are working on projects related to understanding the function of cell adhesion proteins in pemphigus and how they are affected by the autoantibodies produced by patients.  In addition we are working on projects related to providing genetic clues to development of AIBD, ways to predict treatment response, and creation of improved therapies.  

Support AIBD Research

We have established an AIBD Research Fund at Emory University to help foster some of these ongoing research endeavors.  Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to support the research projects currently ongoing and are vital to improve our understanding of these diseases.  

Donations can be made directly to the AIBD/Feldman Research Fund HERE on the secure Emory Giving Website.